Practical Options Trading from Alan Knuckman

Alan talks on Bloomberg about an options play on Groupon (GRPN).

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Use Options

I believe options are the right tool for retail traders. If you don't already know something about options, I'll help you learn. Use them for their mathematical advantages and never trade stock shares outright again.  Options are the best way for traders to create higher probability trades with leverage to produce greater returns.

Use Simpler Tactics

I use my experience to select options trading techniques that are simple enough for everyone to understand. The market can only move three directions (up, down, or sideways) so whenever possible, use the most direct strategy.  You don't need to get fancy to make money, and most people actually lose money when they use advanced techniques.

Walk Away From The Computer

Lifestyle dictates much of your trading personality. No matter what your risk tolerance or experience, the time you spend trading needs to fit your work/life schedule. Fortunately there are opportunities that don't require constant attention.  A well thought out disciplined trading plan using options frees the chains to your computer and puts you in position for long term success.   

Extra Special Advice from Alan...

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On this website I combine my extensive experience in the financial industry with the same practical advice that is given to my closest friends & family.

I rely upon my 20-plus years of experience to consider as much information as I can before giving any advice to my friends, my family, or the public. Fundamentals are never ignored and I utilize technical analysis to find high probability trades given market conditions.  The toolbox of strategies is utilized to find the correct attack for profitable outcome.  The risks are predefined with solid money management techniques to eliminate emergency decision making. My trade alerts are the most detailed in the business, giving everyone the best chance to achieve success and learn something in the process.

Don't trust someone for 12 months just because they give you a discount.  I do not take 6 or 12 months of up-front subscription money, so everything at is month to month without any long-term commitment.  This way my performance month in and month out has to be worth your hard earned cash payment.

If I don't know you already, I hope we get the chance to interact so you too can see how to use my advisory service to invest like one of my "friends & family."

Alan Knuckman

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